Life is a mystic dance of unique ​self-expression...

Intuitive Consulting to live a life in order and divine balance. 


Intuitive Consulting 

Sessions bring awareness about your life path, abilities, strengths, challenges and the healing that will move you forward to live a joyful and balanced life. You will get answers, solutions and strategies to deal with life situations and move on with the action plan to make things happen. 

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Zen Dances 

Whether experienced or new to conscious dance, you will find a sacred space to unleash your spirit, express yourself and heal.  There are no rules, no steps to learn and no need for dancing skills or experience. Through the dance, you find yourself in your own way and at your own pace.

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Trance Dance Healing

Personal sessions to explore deep areas that need healing. Includes discussion of issues and findings. A special unique playlist is prepared for the client. First Session is an hour and a half at $165. Then follow-up sessions are 1 hour at $125 per hour.

Trance Dance Group Sessions

Group sessions are scheduled on a series of weekly meetings. Space is limited for a small group, so full payment is required to guarantee the space. Pricing ranges between $45 - $65 based on the specific level.

Zen Dances

Group dances to explore oneself. Free-form movement with no instruction so the person can create his/her own dance in a sacred space and safe environment.

$25 per person.